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Airtec Induction Kit - Hyundai i30N
£289.00 £299.25
£240.83 ex. VAT
4th kit to market. An i30N Induction Kit rapidly growing in popularity! Hardpipe, Heatshield & Filter Included. Greatest value for money!
Forge Induction Kit - Hyundai i30N
£248.06 ex. VAT
2nd Kit to market. Currently the most popular Induction Kit sold by us! No heatshield but a large Hardpipe and the biggest foam filter Forge have ever used! Will fit both Pre Facelift & Facelift models!
ITG Induction Kit - Hyundai i30N
£275.00 £288.00
£229.17 ex. VAT
3rd to market. Smart, unique & effective design by ITG. Tested on Caffeine & Machine very own i30N. No hardpipe Included but can be installed and removed in under 10 minutes!
Pipercross Induction Kit  - Hyundai i30N
£329.99 £349.99
£274.99 ex. VAT
1st to market. Over 50 of the Pipercross Induction Kits sold by us across the UK & Europe. Cleverly designed heatshield and hardpipe with a signature Pipercross Air Filter!
Airtec Large Bore Intake OEM+ - Hyundai i30N
£233.29 ex. VAT
Retain the OEM air box with this Large Bore Intake from Airtec Motorsport!
Turbozentrum 89mm Intake Kit - Hyundai i30N
£213.72 ex. VAT
Shipped in from Germany, a full Silicone Intake Pipe now available to accommodate all hybrid turbo stages from Turbozentrum